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Tanning Beds - Beautiful Bronze Tans by Singleton Pools

Using a Tanning Bed is a fun and fast way to get that beautiful tan you've been looking for. Singleton Pools offers one of the largest, widest tanning systems in the industry. We carry Beds, Canopies, and stand up models. Our beds have built in face and arm tanners, digital control and cooling fans. You can look as if you just left the beach without leaving the privacy and comforts of your own home. Now you too can have that beautiful bronze tan without the harmful effects of the sun! Singleton Pools sell awesome tanning systems, and we also service what we sell!

Singleton Pools offers the longest, widest line of tanning equipment in the USA! Look like you live at the beach without ever stepping into the sun! We have a large selection of sunless tanning bed models for both residential and commercial use. Our beds make you look and feel better, accentuating your most flattering features by giving you a healthy natural glow. Our tanning beds are designed to give you a maximum comfort while you tan. All while getting a beautiful tan without the harmful effects of the sun!

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